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ARCHITECTURE firms as his clientale.

He was an artist who made pictures with the pen, pencil and brush strokes, but later in life it was the

art of LIGHTS, COLOURS and ELEMENTS in LIFE that interested him . But as any normal household

would require, he went on to do a basic graduation before making his interest a part of his achievement.

He chose Commerce though Accounts was not his cup of tea. During those days, he took part in various

photography competitions that came his way. All the self learning won him many prizes which

motivated him to go further. Keeping the graduation certificate aside, he went on to venture and

explore his love for photography. Holding on to his desire and dream, all he could do then was

research into various references print and online. He started his journey to photography there .

Everyday was a new chapter of learning . Everyone he came across in this field was a new teacher . the

quench to explore and learn was his biggest asset. But then, everything seemed a bit incomplete.

Having heard of the Light & Life Academy , he was keen on making it THE DESTINATION . Keeping the

graduation certificate aside, he walked into this prestigious institute and that was the turning point. A

Post Graduation in Professional Photography , specialization in Architecture, Fashion and Food

Photography and the teachings of the famous photographer- Iqbal Mohamed are all his greatest

achievements in this field. And now to add to it , the list of his commercial clientale.

It is often said that if there is a CREATION, there is definitely a CREATOR behind it. Justin Sebastian is

one such CREATOR for each of his images. Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speaks for itself.

Architecture Photography sets up an artiface. Justin always had a passion and liking towards spaces.

Architecture is all about space and form and its something you can share with people . An architect

makes a client’s dream a reality. An Architecture Photographer brings to life this dream and the spaces

he has created ! The beauty of the space is enhanced through the photographer’s eyes and lens ! And

that is exactly what JUSTIN SEBASTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY does. A finished product from an architect , is

beautified through his camera and the space is captured still. Be it curios, furnitures, ladscapes ,

structures -----he creates the elements and the space and enhance the look making the photograph one

of the best . The most exclusive frames, technical art of lighting the spaces, making the best colours,

arranging the furnitures in the most appropriate way, all make him an exceptional and a master in

Architecture Photography.

He makes each of his project very interesting and exciting, giving the best results for the respective

clients. He has not stopped his learning process here . Everyday he still continues with a new space,

and a new lesson and endless references to add to it.

Contact info-

T- 8891152185 ,7907258982

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